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Welcome to MPLtac, we are a cheap CCTV provider in Singapore with a level of technical experience that will enable our IP camera solutions to meet your needs, whether you are opting for IP camera installation package for your home or just purchasing the security cameras alone. We have the best range of cameras, so do browse what we have and drop us an enquiry today. We will be more than happy to assist you. Our IP cameras are catered to solve any security applications. As you check out the range of products we have, you will realise we have all the types of cameras that will suit different and unique situations. Best of all, we offer the most competitive prices in Singapore

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Benefits of IP Cameras

Security cameras or CCTV are very common in Singapore as they guard many public areas we are in, be it, while we are in transportation, shopping malls, at the airport and other places. These devices have generally brought safety to our community. It have also brought the peace of mind. However, inspite of such, there are individuals who do not realise the importance of IP cameras at home. Given are some examples that make such devices of critical importance:

Monitoring domestic helpers – vast majority of our clients engage our products or services for this reason. You can monitor your home to enforce you kids get treated well, work gets done well or you valuable items do not get stolen.

Domestic theft – even in a seemingly safe country like Singapore, theft do happens. When you have an IP camera, you can monitor your home 24/7 and as such, theft will be make known, and there is evidence of such an event.

Security Barrier – Adverse events could happen at any time. If you have a camera, you will be able to capture the event or even, PREVENT IT. Research have shown that by adding a camera, this will be make know to the subject and they will stop predating on you.

Lower insurance cost– As you protect your home, many insurer under-writers will take the protection into consideration when deciding on your premiums to pay. The more effective your house protection is, the less your insurance host insurance cost will be.

High quality security cameras at the most competitive prices

MPLtac is committed to helping all individuals secure their household. Therefore, we are offering numerous security cameras solutions. This will cater for your needs and budget. Also, as the industry competition is getting tighter, prices of such is also decreasing, hence you could easily get one at a cheap cost. Browse our camera products and get yours today. We could go to your premise for a survey to gain better understanding of the CCTV requirements. We have all types raning from Pan-Tilt-Zoom to panoramic variants.

Control your view while you are away from home

Our cameras allow you to control your view of the premise while you are away. This is because the cameras tap on your WIFI signals while you can view the camera using an app while your phone is using mobile data. You also get to hear the noises in your home or do a 2-way communication! Our Cameras feature HD and provides the clear image you want.