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Welcome to MPLTac. Our company is premium provider of CCTV cameras and utilities in Singapore with a solid track-record in CCTV camera installation and management. Our clientele consists of home and commercial CCTV camera users that we deliver and install different types of IP cameras for. We offer a wide range of cameras that can be used for home security to securing an entire business premise. We are certain that our diverse assortment of products contains a CCTV package suitable for your needs. Contact us today and our friendly staff will walk you through each step of the process.

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Importance of an IP Camera

Similar to different digital video cameras, An IP or Internet Protocol camera is mostly used for property surveillance. This new technology supersedes the closed circuit television camera because of its superior efficiency in effective communication. Since the inception of the internet, we have noticed almost every digital product getting replaced and this includes the security camera. The IP camera is capable of sending and receiving information through the internet. Its function is comparable to that of a webcam and we have a vast assortment with different kinds.

In Singapore, it has become common practice to install a CCTV in public places. These places include but are not limited to restaurants, shopping malls, MRT stations, bus stations, etc. One noteworthy fact about these cameras is that they offer patrons of these public places a sense of safety, however, we notice that residencies still don’t realize the significance of these cameras.

Keep an Eye on Your Maids

If your maid has displayed untrustworthy behavior in the past, it is best to install a couple of CTTV cameras in your home to monitor what she’s doing. By knowing that the cameras are monitoring her every move, she will be more likely to complete her tasks on time, be respectful to your young children and refrain from snooping and stealing your personal belongings. These cameras enable you to catch your maid red handed and notify the police if she still tries to steal or hurt your children or scar them psychologically.

Peace of Mind

In this present day, houses have become the main target for robberies, this leaves many families scared as they believe they might become the next target. Purchasing a high-quality CCTV camera that will monitor your premise 24/7 will reduce your fear and restore your peace of mind.

Crime Prevention

Prior to committing the crime, robbers tend to scout the site where they intend to rob to check for potential weaknesses. Having clearly noticeable CCTV cameras installed will have robbers avoid your house and look for one that isn’t protected with CCTV cameras.

Catching the Criminals

Placing a hidden CCTV camera benefits other houses in the near vicinity, as it will record the activity happening in close proximity and therefore can assist law enforcement in catching criminals that robbed houses nearby yours. Due to the fact that the criminals are unaware of the hidden camera recording them, they will accidentally show their faces and reveal their identity. Furthermore, the camera footage can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Total Control with CCTV Camera

Having a quality CCTV camera installed gives you a sense of control as it is accessible from remote places. With only an internet connection you can instantly see what is happening in and around your house through the CCTV. The cameras record or display live surveillance regardless of the location you’re in. The advantage of having a CCTV camera in Singapore is that it provides assurance to homeowners who travel frequently and therefore leave their home unoccupied for a prolonged period of time.

Great Quality at Affordable Prices

Often installing a CCTV camera in Singapore costs a lot less then what customers anticipate. This is due to the fierce competition in the market and because of the constant influx of new products flooding the market every day. So purchasing a CCTV camera is definitely a great investment. If you want to purchase and install a CCTV camera in Singapore, you should always check if the product has the following features. First of all, check if the camera has HD recording capabilities. Second, it should permit remote access and the final step is to check the reviews on this products. Read through the reviews and check if the customers were satisfied and if they would recommend it. Only then should you make a purchase. This will save you tons of money and frustration as you would not have to install new CCTV cameras within a short period of time.