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Welcome to MPLTac. Our company is premium provider of CCTV cameras and utilities in Singapore with a solid track-record in CCTV camera installation and management. Our clientele consists of home and commercial CCTV camera users that we deliver and install different types of IP cameras for. We offer a wide range of cameras that can be used for home security to securing an entire business premise. Not only do we offer cheap prices, we are certain that our diverse assortment of products contains a CCTV package suitable for your needs. Contact us today and our friendly staff will walk you through each step of the process.

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Benefits of IP Cameras

In Singapore, CCTVs are very common, especiaially in public places, be it, at the shopping malls, transportation stations, airport and more. These devices have brought safety to the respective places, giving individuals the peace of mind. However, may individuals do not realise the importance of the use of IP Cameras at home.

Some of the important factors of having an IP camera in your house is as follow:

Monitoring domestic – yourgut feeling tells you she may not be honest and you need to monitor her actions. Monitoring the situation in this context will prevent you kids from being injured or precious belongings from being stolen.

Household Theft – In this event, you will have evidence. Also, thieves as scout for the house they want to rob. If they see a CCTV camera, they will skip the house with it. Acquire one today that can monitor your house 24/7

Security Barrier – Adverse events could happen. Infact, studies have found that cameras is the number one safety equipment in the world. This is so true and that is why many places are instating “dummy cameras”. This will prevent crimes from happening.

Lower insurance cost– get lower premiums when insurance providers recognized the fact that you have installed cameras in your house because they know you are already taking the safety of your home seriously

High quality security cameras at the most competitive prices

MPLtac is committed to helping all individuals secure their household. Therefore, we are offering numerous security cameras solutions. This will cater for your needs and budget. Also, as the industry competition is getting tighter, prices of such is also decreasing, hence you could easily get one at a cheap cost. Browse our camera products and get yours today. We could go to your premise for a survey to gain better understanding of the CCTV requirements. We have all types raning from Pan-Tilt-Zoom to panoramic variants.

Control your view while you are away from home

Our cameras allow you to control your view of the premise while you are away. This is because the cameras tap on your WIFI signals while you can view the camera using an app while your phone is using mobile data. You also get to hear the noises in your home or do a 2-way communication! Our Cameras feature HD and provides the clear image you want.